Condensed Beryl – R4 Kaohsiung International Airport Station

A skylight has been added to the Kaohsiung International Airport to seize the blue sky and white clouds to live up to Kaohsiung's image as a spacious, shining ocean metropolis, while the “condensed beryl” echoes the green water and life.  Currently the largest 3D glass sculpture public art in the world, it was designed and produced by the German glass artist Lutz Haufschild. It is divided into two walls, A and B. Wall A has the theme of the tree of life, constantly creating, overflowing with life. Wall B, “vast and limitless”, is like waves breaking on shore, incomparably tense despite its balance.

No.2-2, Jhongshan 4th Rd., Siaogang Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)